Energy Botanika is an exploration of offerings that revitalizes your energy and evokes a sense of zen in your sacred space.

Founder poured candles during the New and Full Moon phases then topped off with intuitively chosen crystals to be charged by the Moons energy. Made with carefully selected and premium ingredients.

Crystals and Minerals are sourced from all over the world, working with vendors who responsibly mine has been our focus so we typically only house a limited quantity of these beautiful gems. Crystal sales are offered through the website, IG Live Sales, Story Sales, Feed Sales events and Private Sales via Direct Message available upon request.

All hand-made pieces in the shop are selected to serve a special and intentional purpose just like all the crystals and minerals we feel drawn to offer. These hand-made offerings are either small batch made in the founders sacred space or pieces created by local and abroad artisans from family owned small businesses as well. 

Welcome to the collective of offerings that is
Energy Botanika

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AAPI | Filipina Owned Small Business
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California
Certified Crystal Practitioner | HMCA