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✧ Cleanse Candle Collection: Creekside  

alluring + earthy + fresh waters

Top: green, ozone
Middle: violet, rose, lily, fern
Bottom: oakmoss, earthy, musk

The nostalgic notes of stones and river moss is a 

soothing aroma that flourishes with earthy musk and evokes the feeling of going on a nature walk beside a lush and lively branch where oakmoss thrives on damp oak bark. Botanikal Lesson: Oakmoss extraction is an ingredient notoriously and historically used to make classic perfumes.

with so much gratitude,


respectfully & intentionally hand poured candle including a crystal tumble by 

using the finest fragrance and pure essential oils all during the New and Full moon phases to set intentions and release all that does not serve you

candle care: please burn for 2 to 4 hours upon first burn or until the candle has achieved a full melt pool reaching the edge of the vessel. please remember to trim the charred part of the wick 1/8 inch to prevent the flame from burning too hot resulting in unwanted black smoke / soot. please be careful as vessel may be warm or hot to the touch if left burning for hours on end

hand poured clean soy and coconut wax blend using crackling wooden wicks with the finest premium fragrance oils and pure essential oils in mind from mother gaia to ease your mind, body, soul, and space - meaning your health is on our minds and we strive to serve clean ingredients inspected and chosen for its quality - non-toxic, 

 cruelty, paraben, and phthalate free

please note that the crystal tumble will vary in crystal/mineral, shape and size

please also note that by purchasing a candle you are allowing us to dive into our creative process and allow us 5-7 business days to ship your candle. pre-orders are available via Instagram to ensure you get a candle poured specifically for you.

5 oz: 20+ hour burn time
8 oz: 40+ hour burn time
12 oz 60+ hour burn time

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