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Black Tourmaline

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✦ Black Tourmaline

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Quick Tip:
Where to place Black Tourmaline

✧ front door / entrance
this blocks negative energies from entering your home or sacred space

✧ near electronics
this helps protect you from harmful electromagnetic field radiation (shungite would be great to pair with black tourmaline against EMF)

✧ bedroom
this helps keep your sacred space unbothered by negative thoughts and worries in order to achieve a higher state of relaxation and peace for a restful nights sleep

✧ corners
be it corners of a room, your entire home or your entire property — creating a protection grid with black tourmaline generates security, balance and protection to stabilize the energies within

✧ your meditation space
placing black tourmaline in your sacred space where you practice meditation allows you to deeply connect with the root chakra and focus on the feelings of security, stability, protection, and balance to help you navigate your everyday life with inner safety

with gratitude,
✦ ja


Note: Listing is for ONE(1) Black Tourmaline crystal

Disclaimer: Items at Energy Botanika are hand crafted and should be used with intention by the buyer. Not intended as a replacement of professional advice such as medical, legal, psychological, and or business.

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